FALL 2014:

JAN-MAR 2015:

UK – Birmingham EU – Vienna, Berlin

US – Grand Rapids, Atlanta, Miami Area, Los Angeles/Orange County, St. Louis, San Antonio, Washington D.C. CAN – Toronto

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RST Highlights

  • person_jason_smallJason O’Toole

    "If you want to learn how to create wealth, from people who have actually done it, simply get to an RST!"

    Jason O’Toole. Global Ambassador.
  • person_rachel_smallRachel Jackson

    "Seeing PROJECT 10 Kids speak at an RST Event really shows you the impact we are making every day. There’s nothing like it."

    Rachel Jackson, Royal Ambassador.
  • person_kyleKyle Pacetti

    "From cheering on Regional Challenge Leaders, to celebrating our 100 lb. Club Members, the emotion at an RST will blow you away."

    Kyle Pacetti. Crown Ambassador.