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Skillset & Leadership

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As a Vi Promoter about to step up in leadership and grow your business, you might be asking yourself: Can I really do this?

Our answer is YES. In fact, we’ll give you the education and training so you can build BIG.

Meet VET.

It stands for Vi Events & Training. VET was created by top Vi Millionaire Promoters to help you build your Mindset, Skillset & Leadership.

Learn from Millionaire Mentors

You’ll be mentored by real people who have had real success promoting The Challenge. Our Millionaire Mentors are renowned industry experts and veterans who have made millions of dollars with Vi… and want to teach you how to
do the same.

Exclusive Access to:



This content series is focused on helping you to do everything from creating a winning attitude, to knowing exactly what to do (and how to do it!) for entrepreneurial success, to then being able to teach that mindset and skillset to others..



You’ll receive invaluable entrepreneurial training and expert tips from our Vi Founders and Top Leaders, and build relationships with them in a fun social setting.



VET Online is a mobile video training library that puts dozens of Vi Millionaires in the palm of your hand! For only $29 a month, access hundreds and hundreds of trainings directly from your Smartphone to continually grow your knowledge base and learn from the best of the best. 

Make a decision to join the movement and transform people on all levels of Life, Health and Prosperity. You’re already passionate about your business; VET will give you the know-how, the training, and the tools to make it successful…month over month.